Defect Management with Bugzilla: A Beginners Course


Defect Management with Bugzilla: A Beginners Course , Become proficient in defect tracking and management using Bugzilla with this course.

What you”ll learn:

  • Understanding defects.
  • Tracking defects.
  • Installing and configuring Bugzilla.
  • Adding a Bugzilla.
  • Cloning and understanding Bugzilla.
  • Editing a Bugzilla.
  • Reports generation.
  • Sorting and searching.


This course on Bugzilla provides a comprehensive understanding of defect management, starting with an introduction to the course and the Bugzilla tool in Section 1. Moving on to Section 2, learners delve into the fundamentals of defects, exploring how to understand and track them, along with practical insights into installing and configuring Bugzilla.

Section 3 takes a deep dive into the basics of Bugzilla, guiding participants through the essential processes. From adding and cloning Bugzilla entries to editing and generating reports, the course ensures a thorough grasp of Bugzilla’s functionalities. The emphasis on sorting and searching Bugzilla entries adds a practical dimension to defect management, making this course valuable for anyone involved in software testing and quality assurance.


Section 1: Introduction

  • Lecture 1 provides an overview of the course.
  • Lecture 2 introduces Bugzilla.

Section 2: What are Defects

  • Lecture 3 explores the understanding of defects.
  • Lecture 4 covers tracking defects.
  • Lecture 5 explains how to install and configure Bugzilla.

Section 3: Basics of Bugzilla

  • Lecture 6 details the process of adding a Bugzilla.
  • Lecture 7 covers cloning and understanding Bugzilla.
  • Lecture 8 explains how to edit a Bugzilla.
  • Lecture 9 focuses on generating reports.
  • Lecture 10 discusses sorting and searching Bugzilla entries.

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals aspiring to become proficient in bug tracking and defect management.
  • Software testers and quality assurance professionals seeking to enhance their bug tracking skills.
  • Software developers and project managers involved in the software development life cycle.
  • Those interested in understanding Bugzilla, a widely used bug tracking system.
  • Professionals looking to improve their ability to track, manage, and report software defects effectively.
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