Decision-making and thinking like Leaders and CEOs


Decision-making and thinking like Leaders and CEOs, Master your decision-making, and think like a CEO or a high-level manager.


Improve your short-term and long-term decision-making, and set your life and business in the optimal direction!

Add layers to your decision-making with proven methods, science, logic, and Emotional Intelligence in you thinking.


See real-life decision-making examples on business strategy, hiring, firing, project selection, start-up launch, product launch, and many other examples taken from real and practical scenarios.


There are short-term decisions, mid-term decisions, and long-term decisions. In addition, there is even a big difference if you take half a second to make a decision vs. whether you take two seconds to make a decision. Different parts of the brain are activated as seconds pass.


In this course, you will learn some of the Neuroscience and Biology of your brain. One thing you will learn is how you form gut reactions and impulsive decisions. They are largely made with your Amygdala, and even though they are not always negative, they tend to be more negative, risk-averse, and help you avoid bad outcomes.


The Prefrontal Cortex is the part of our brain that handles more complex logic and context. It usually activates a second after the Amygdala, and can add depth of reasoning to your gut reactions. You can take two seconds or days in order to fully process a decision, especially if it’s a complex and highly-impactful one.


Learn how Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Paul Graham approach decision-making. Some of them are more or less risk-averse, but all of them have been successful in gigantic projects.


Of course, it will help your decision-making if you immerse yourself in a little big of logic and learn logical fallacies, so you don’t fall into those pitfalls! So we’ll cover that as well.

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