Data Storytelling with PowerBI – 2023


Data Storytelling with PowerBI – 2023, Communicate powerful insights from complex data simply and efficiently. Engage with real-world actionable scenarios.


“The ability to weave data stories using data and visuals – is the future of the modern workplace.”

Data storytelling is developing as an essential skill in the modern workplace and one of the main means of delivering insights from analytics.  In this course we will explore data storytelling to extract, understand and effectively communicate insights in a compelling manner. The goal is positive business outcomes, strategic insights and improved team collaboration.

Stories have historically been the tool of leaders and influencers – simplifying the world around us, uniting communities and making a lasting impact. Your favorite series, brands, marketers and leaders use stories to build engagement and to communicate key values and insights. Similarly in the complex world of data – stories combining data visuals and key insights – cut through the clutter – engage with logic and emotion and drive actionable outcomes. Data storytelling is a powerful means to share insights and drive change within an organization.

In this course we will use the 7-step data storytelling framework™ to find the value in data and tailor it to the needs of stakeholders using visuals and a compelling narrative. This is a simple step-by-step framework to delve into data – find those underlying questions and communicate an actionable outcome.

You will use the Microsoft PowerBI data visualization tool to create practical solutions with techniques you can tailor to your needs. The solutions will be quick and easy to implement requiring no coding knowledge. Remember – this course is designed for anyone – requiring no practical experience.

Join thousands embracing exciting modern data literacy skills and make a practical impact on your life.

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