Cybersecurity Prep Course for Absolute Beginners


Cybersecurity Prep Course for Absolute Beginners, Get prepared for other cyber security courses.

What you”ll learn:

  • Explain computing fundamentals
  • Discuss networking fundamentals
  • Explain the OSI Model
  • List networking devices
  • Understand client-server architecture and web applications
  • Protect data throughout the lifecycle
  • List and explain critical networking protocols
  • Discuss network vulnerabilities and security controls
  • Understand malware types and mitigation
  • Understand the ethical hacking process


This course is designed to first answer the question: “is cybersecurity right for me?” without any cost. Second, this course will give you enough foundational knowledge so that you can go off into the ether and start learning courses without having to go through introductory lectures or materials. Why pay for non-cyber content when you are wanting to learn cyber? When you join the course you will be provided with a link to join my discord server as well as zoom links for FREE weekly masterclasses and Q&A sessions.

If you know how networks work, the internet, and how software interacts with the hardware you can skip to the cybersecurity portion.

I am designing this course so that one lesson will give you not just knowledge, but a deep intuitive understanding so that the next topic does not require the brain power of trying to recall the previous lesson’s content.

We will begin with the foundations of how computers work aka how software and hardware interact. How software works on a deep level and what code is and does.

Then we will move on to networks where you will learn what EXACTLY a network is and how the internet works. How do web applications work, what is happening with I go to google’s website.

After learning the hardest part (networking) we can get into what you came here for. I will skip 30% or so of the boring introductory cybersecurity material usually taught so that you can really understand what cybersecurity is and what professionals do.

In an introductory course like this, it is fairly difficult to have hands-on exercises, however, I have tried my best to ensure that when I teach you something, you can go and look at it yourself with a mouse and keyboard and interact with the concept.

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