Crypto Basics: Navigating the World of Solana – Part 2


Crypto Basics: Navigating the World of Solana – Part 2 , Finishing the foundations of the Solana Blockchain.

What you”ll learn:

  • Understand the fundamentals of Blockchain Technology
  • The Features of the Solana Blockchain
  • Navigating the Solana Ecosystem
  • Earn a Passive Income by Staking on Solana


Hello, and welcome back!

This course is the second part of Crypto Basics: Navigating the World of Solana. If you haven’t completed Part 1 yet, I highly suggest you complete that first, then come and meet us back here. Don’t worry; Part 1 is completely free, too.

I’m Seb Monty. I’ve been investing and working in crypto for a little while now, and I’ve dedicated myself to teaching the world about cryptocurrency and all it has to offer. This is why I’ve created two free courses, taking you from zero to hero.

By the time you’ve completed both parts of this course, you will be all set up to navigate and transact on the Solana Blockchain.  You will also have a foundational knowledge of blockchain technology and its workings, so you can continue to learn about sub-topics that interest you or even find employment in Web3.

Things are heating up in the Solana ecosystem, so now is a fantastic time to dedicate your time to learning more about it.

I will also gift you a FREE NFT certificate once you have completed the course. This is in addition to the certificate you will receive with Udemy.

So, let’s get started; I hope you have as much fun completing this course as I did making it!

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