Create your first 3 fully apps with .NET MAUI


Create your first 3 fully apps with .NET MAUI, Learn how to create a series of real applications with .NET MAUI and C# from scratch.

Do you want to get into the world of multi-platform development but do not know where to start?

What I recommend is to take practice and start creating applications from scratch. With this you will learn the process on how to develop a cross-platform application, that is, for Android, iOS and Windows, as well as other platforms such as MacOS and Tizen.

In this course, you will create your first three applications with .NET MAUI from zero, which are:

Application #1: Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator.

This is the first application you will develop. It is a simple calculator for body mass index, it will help you understand the concept of layouts and controls. We will start creating the graphical interface, personalizing things like background color and controls. Then, we’ll move on to the code behind and add the logic needed to perform the calculations. Finally, you will see a simple way to restrict the data entered in the application.

Application # 2: Pomodoro

The second application we will build is a Pomodoro application. With this application, you will learn how to handle other types of layouts such as grids, plus you will see simple ways to add an amazing design to the controls without the need to customize them or create complex code. You will also learn how to change the font family, how to handle timers for countdown, how to run sounds in the application and how to add some constraints to have a fully functional application.

Application # 3: Amiibopedia

The last application is an app to look up Amiibo information. In this application, you will learn how to create an attractive graphical interface, how to use the MVVM pattern by creating Models and ViewModels, how to consume REST services, how to display different layouts based on converters and how to implement a search in a list.

With a duration of approximately one hour per application, this course is a great way to get started in the world of mobile development with .NET MAUI.

What are you waiting for? See you in the course.

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