Conversion Rate Optimization Management


Conversion Rate Optimization Management, How to manage in-house or outsourced/freelance conversion optimization experts so you don’t have to do it yourself.

If you want to reap the benefits of conversion rate optimization without having to learn all the strategies and techniques, this course is for you.

It is designed for the marketing and online sales manager who wants to either create a conversion optimization department or outsource it to experts.

Conversion rate optimization is extremely sophisticated so it can take years to learn. In this course, you learn all the aspects: strategies, tactics, and terminologies, as well as managing your CRO freelancer or in-house team, so that you can drastically increase results.

What you’ll learn:

Managing CRO experts is not easy, but it is easier than having to become one. In less than 3 hours, you will learn about:

which KPIs conversion rate optimization can help improve.

  • What scientific method is used in this area of marketing?
  • The customer journey in the sales funnel.
  • How to spot leaks in the funnel.
  • Psychological triggers will influence your visitors and persuade them.
  • Dozens of places you can find test ideas.
  • How to strategize your testing roadmap for fast results.
  • How to Propose Funding for a Conversion Optimization Department.
  • What is the ideal profile of a CRO specialist?
  • The tools, testing grounds, and database access your team will need.
  • Keep your optimization experts motivated to keep improving.
  • How conversion rate optimization will change over the next decade.

Why conversion rate optimization?

CRO is still the secret sauce for most online giants, whether it is Amazon, Shopify, Airbnb, GoDaddy, Expedia, etc. etc. Before you invest in traffic, your site should be persuasive — it should convert. Getting help from optimization experts is an essential step to making your company’s KPIs grow.

If someone’s going to spearhead such a crucial department, it might as well be you.

Why a course for managers?

Conversion rate optimization is a vast field, so most CRO experts tend to cover only part of it. Very few cover it all. Whether you hire a freelance optimization expert or create an in-house department, you will need to know what is possible and what is likely to work. Without this course, your team is likely to sell you excuses (their limitations disguised as CRO limitations) instead of producing amazing results.

What you’ll learn

In under 3 hours, you will understand this area of growth hacking sufficiently to know how to select conversion experts, identify marketing experiments and create a testing timeline that produces the most impressive results from the get-go.

Topics discussed in this course:
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