Construction Contract Administration


Construction Contract Administration, Manager and adminster a contract to achieve project outcomes.

Infrastructure projects require massive collaboration among different companies to be effective. These companies need to work together seamlessly to accomplish the task at hand. Construction contracts are the agreements that these companies form to define their obligations and responsibilities. Our construction contract administration course equips you with the skills you need to understand and use these contracts to achieve project outcomes successfully.

The course focuses on the effective use and understanding of contracts during the project delivery phase. While we briefly discuss contract formation, our primary focus is on contract administration. This process involves managing and overseeing the execution of a contract between two parties.

The course is divided into four sections. In section 1, we provide an introduction to construction contracts, including their importance, role, and how they allocate responsibilities. We also discuss the stages of contract management and effective contract management.

In section 2, we delve into understanding contracts. We explore how a contract is a set of processes, different contract types, the structure of a contract, and how to resolve discrepancies and errors in contract documents.

In section 3, we focus on Business As Usual (BAU) contract management. This means managing a contract when everything is going as planned. We discuss the key components of a contract, including time, scope, payment, quality, defects, security, and insurance. In section 4, we address issue management and how to manage a contract when things go awry.

This course is ideal for anyone working in the infrastructure and construction sector who wants to enhance their ability to use and understand contracts.

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