Computers (ELI5), Bash and Vim: from 0b0000 to 0b0001


Computers (ELI5), Bash and Vim: from 0b0000 to 0b0001, Just a little intro to Computer Science. This is a must-know knowledge before learning a language, such as C.

This course provides the perfect foundation for budding programmers, offering a concise yet comprehensive exploration of fundamental principles that are indispensable in the world of computer science.

The journey begins with a super_small dive into computer architecture, just to “see” a RAM, CPU and ALU.

Navigating through the command line is a skill every programmer should master. We have a look into Bash, discovering its efficiency in managing files, executing commands, and streamlining your workflow. This is explained super easily.

Then Vim, a versatile and powerful text editor. Master the art of text manipulation, coding with speed and precision.

One section of the course explains the “coding” idea, namely, how we can encode everything into some binary digits.

Although the course is succinct, it acts as a gateway to a wealth of additional resources. Numerous links guide you to further exploration, providing an expansive roadmap for your continued learning journey. To keep this course for free I had a 2 hours cap. This may have been a limit, but maybe not. Indeed, let me repeat, this course is just a mega “pointer (a C concept)” to other online sources. You can treat this just as a roadmap indeed! So mind the link resources!

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