Computer Fundamentals – Hardware, Software & Internet


Computer Fundamentals – Hardware, Software & Internet , Your ultimate guide for all the knick-knacks of Computer Hardware, Software & Internet.

What you”ll learn:

  • By the end of this course you will have knowledge about how Computers work. What components are in there to make it work and different components working in it.
  • We have covered topics unique topics like: Motherboards, Ports, Birth of microchips, writing data into RAM, how RAM & ROM works, building a microprocessor, etc
  • Topics like Software, its history and origin, types of software & detailed description of each type is provided.
  • Adding to above list, additional topics such as how internet works, what happens when we turn on a computer, what is operating system, what is world wide web..


This course is offered in Bundle of 3 courses

  1. Computer Basics
  2. Learn to Code – C programming
  3. Robotics & IoT

The course is designed to answer budding questions in minds of beginners & intermediates, we understand the gap that traditional books & education leaves and we tried our best to fill those gaps by giving logical & detailed descriptions of the topics.

Computer science is an essential part of our daily life. Almost everything around us are associated with computer hardware and/or software. In this course you will learn basis of computer from scratch. After completing the course you will have good understanding of the machine you are working on i.e. computers.

The course provides information technology literacy and basic skills training for learners with limited experience.

→  What will you do and learn in the course?

  • You will learn about simple machines with a brief history of computers.
  • You will get insights on why we need computers.
  • You will clearly get to know the architecture of computer.
  • You will learn all about computer memory, memory addressing, control units, ALU, computer ports, RAM and ROM.
  • You will get to know about number system and binary addition/subtraction.
  • You will learn about computer software, its history & types.
  • Then we will move to Internet, history of Internet, distributed networks & how we as a user use Internet currently.
  • Course learning outcomes specialize in skill development associated with basic computer operations and knowledge in technology.

→  Who this course is for?

This course is designed for beginners & intermediates who would like the opportunity to learn with others in a supportive and encouraging environment.

  • Students.
  • Engineers
  • Teachers.
  • Database administrator.
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