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Comprehensive UK Personal Finance Training , Investing, Taxes, Pensions, Homes, Childcare, Borrowing, Sharia Financing, Retirement, Estates.

Course Description

Welcome to the Comprehensive UK Personal Finance Training course. I believe this is the only comprehensive course covering personal finance in the UK. In this course you will learn everything you need to know about UK personal finance. I have avoided prescriptions that are normally seen on other materials since I understand every situation is different. In this course I will take you through the basics of personal finance and cover things in detail as they apply to the UK. This course is based on my wide UK financial services experience and my personal investing knowledge. I am sure once you have done the course you will be equipped to make your own financial decisions such as investing, pensions, retirement planning, estates planning, budgeting, managing borrowings and many more other things.

I have used real life examples as they apply to the UK. I avoided making this course broad so that if you are in the UK you will derive the most value. I have also added some key things such as childcare schemes, home purchase schemes, a comprehensive overview of the UK tax system, how to protect yourself from fraud. I hope you will derive a lot of value from taking on this course.

Course Structure

I will start by giving you an introduction to investing, and various types of investment products, before moving to pension products. In pensions, I will explain to you the various types of pensions such as workplace, private, government and public sector pension schemes. I will show you how to hold the investments and how to manage them. In the next sections I will talk about investment strategies, debt management & credit ratings. Will the give you an overview of the UK tax system and how to manage your taxes. Afterwards I will take you through the government schemes for home buying and childcare support. I have also included a section for Sharia Financing if it applies to you, or you would like to learn more about it. I have another section on protecting your wealth from fraud, then lastly I share with you some useful personal finance materials, books, magazines and podcasts.


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