Communicate, Captivate and Convince


Communicate, Captivate and Convince, Public Speaking Skills Course.

Learning how to speak in public and communicate well is an essential tool for any professional.

Entrepreneurs need to perfect their pitch, executives need to present their ideas, motivate their teams and express their company vision. Employees need to communicate their knowledge and demonstrate their credibility, skills and expertise.

What we all have in common is that we need to be heard and we need to be credible and charismatic. We need to stand out from the competition by the power of our voice, gestures, and words. This course will help you to master these skills so that all eyes will be on you and your message will be remembered so you can “WOW” your crowd.

In this video series I will teach you the most important tools you will need to be an expert charismatic communicator and how to convince and captivate your audience.

This 1-hour course provides a complete comprehensive understanding of what is needed in order to be a successful speaker and includes the following topics:

PART I: Glossophobia-Conquering Fears

PART II: What are the qualities of being a Successful Speaker

PART III: Planning your Presentation

PART IV: Nonverbal communication strategies

PART V: Dynamic Verbal Techniques

PART VI: How to create your Elevator Pitch

This course also includes various practice exercises and quizzes at the end of each lesson to help you apply your knowledge in a practical manner.  At the end of this course expect to take your professional career and your startup to the next level.

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