Coding Interview Practice with Python | Intermediate Level


Coding Interview Practice with Python | Intermediate Level, Use data structures algorithm to Find a job at Google (youtube), Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Netflix.

Welcome to “Python Coding Interview Practice” course!

Find a job at huge companies like Google, Tesla, Amazon, and Facebook.

Here’s why this course is worth your time:

  • It’s interactive – I give you a chance to try every problem before I show you my solution.
  • Every single problem has a complete solution walkthrough video as well as accompanying solution file.
  • I cover helpful “tips and tricks” to solve common problems, but we also focus on building an approach to ANY problem.
  • It’s full of animations and beautiful diagrams!

In this course you will learn how to solve Interview coding challenges with Python programming. Learning Python programming will not only make you learn one of the most popular Programming Languages , but also gives a strong base for developing Problem solving Skills in the field of computer science and Engineering. Problem solving using Python Programming will help you understanding the Python programming language and the problem solving skills. No matter where you are on your learning journey. You should have a look at the first part before embarking on the second. You could discover many useful tool for the challenges to come. Try to solve the problem on your own first before peek at the provided solution though.

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