CISSP 2024: The Complete CISSP Exam Simulation Question Bank


CISSP 2024: The Complete CISSP Exam Simulation Question Bank , 620+ CISSP Exam-level practice Questions, get ready to crush your CISSP certification (updated for 15th April 2024).

Course Description

The following Exam Simulation is fully aligned with CISSP Certification Exam Outline included the update effective from April 15, 2024. Questions are categorized according to their domain, enabling you to identify areas in which you may need improvement.

Successfully passing a challenging exam such as CISSP requires 3 elements:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Mindset
  3. Confidence

We’re here to be your ally in capturing all three with our dynamic question bank.

  • Dive into the first 3 sets, crafted to test your technical prowess. These mock exams, scaling in difficulty, serve as your training ground, fortifying your knowledge. It’s not just about what you know; it’s about mastering the nuances of project management.
  • Enter the “Think Like a Manager Toolkit,” a guide illuminating the delicate balance a Security Expert must strike. Navigate the intricate path between being more than a technician yet not quite a managing director. Unleash the strategic thinking essential for CISSP success.
  • And when the going gets tough, our Confidence Booster stands as your unwavering companion. We understand the valleys in your study journey and the nerves that precede the exam. Let this booster be your beacon, uplifting you in those challenging moments, ensuring you stride into the exam room with unwavering confidence.

An Explanation is provided for Each Question, for many of them also an explanation for each wrong answer is given. If you need further clarification or have any Questions, please send me a private message.

Gear up for success on your CISSP journey with our intensive exam prep course, designed to empower you with the skills and confidence needed to conquer the CISSP certification exam !


The questions in this simulator are exclusively crafted by me, drawing on my experience in preparing for and writing the CISSP exam, and I have assessed their difficulty level. The scenarios are developed based on my firsthand security expert experiences. I have relied solely on publicly available information, such as Crossover Maps, ISC2 Articles, related to the updated CISSP Exam format to formulate these questions according to the revised syllabus. Importantly, these questions are not excerpted or recreated from any textbooks or online forums. They are not generated from memory and, as such, do not mirror the actual CISSP exam questions. Use these questions as a supplementary resource to aid your preparation, understanding that only ISC2 has the authority to release past CISSP exam questions. I own member ID  687212 and I’m not an ATP.

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