Career Growth Strategies in Information Technology


Career Growth Strategies in Information Technology, Becoming Deliberate About Your IT Career – Three Alternative Paths.

Career Growth Strategies in Information Technology explores career planning from the point of view of a technology professional. We start out distinguishing between getting a job (quick fix) and pursuing a career (long term). We then delve into the attitudes that make for an advancing Information Technology professional. Finally, we describe three key career growth strategies typical in the information technology industry – The SME Strategy, the Veteran Strategy and the C-Suite Strategy.

During the course, we touch on learning hard, branding yourself and building bridges as critical elements of setting yourself up for career success in the technology space. We differentiate between learning and simply acquiring certifications, we dig into what it means to build a personal brand relevant for professional growth and we break down the key elements of a fruitful professional relationship with the RELATE acronym.

This course is interlaced with demos, examples and personal stories. Also included are personal assessment tools that will aid in career and life planning with focus on professionals with a technology background. Recaps and review questions are also included to help participants think deeper about the content of the course. It promises to be a thought-provoking delivery for anyone starting a career or looking to make a change in his/her path. You will enjoy the ride.

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