Canva mini tutorials


Canva mini tutorials , Create fun graphics using these 13 tutorials and features.

What you”ll learn:

  • Fun things to do with Canva
  • Discover Canva
  • 13 Fun tutorials and features that will help create social media images with a difference
  • Cain more experience using canva

Course Description

Welcome to the taster course into the world of Canva

Here you will find 13 feature and tutorial video’s that you can use to create awesome graphics in Canva.

The videos focus on:

  1. 1. Creating a simple but effective Facebook post
  2. 2. Creating a 3D effect with letters
  3. 3. Creating curved text
  4. 4. Using the background remover tool
  5. 5. How to add images to letter frames
  6. 6. Image filters and effects
  7. 7. Using the change all button
  8. 8. How to combine multiple designs
  9. How to create a watermark in Canva
  10. How to find and replace text in Canva
  11. Using the typecraft app to warp text
  12. Create a blurred glass effect in Canva
  13. How to find matching elements for your designs

Canva is a fantastic design platform, and can be used to create a huge array of amazing designs.

This course shows you just a small amount of what you can do with Canva, it’s full of elements, images, shapes, grids, templates and more, so you can create as many different designs as you could possibly need. Including: Social graphics, Icons, Logos, Presentations, Ebooks, Videos, Posters, Business Cards just to name a few.

I love Canva and have been using for years.

I now want to help others discover how great Canva can be for your business.

Experiment with Canva, and you will find it slightly addictive and can loose hours playing with templates and elements. But it’s so much fun 🙂

Included is a set of exclusive Canva templates, designed by me, for you to use within your account and business.

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