Canva For Beginners : Level Up Your Content Creation Skill


Canva For Beginners : Level Up Your Content Creation Skill, 25+ Modules in 1 Course To Bring The Best Graphics Designing Skills in You and Make you a PRO!

If you’re just starting out in your freelance career or starting your own business and don’t have the funds to hire a top-notch graphic designer then believe me you don’t need to Worry! Canva is the best graphics designing tool that will stand out your marketing posts and help you grow with your Business within months !

From this course, you will gain a broad understanding of how to create excellent graphics design, social media posts, product design, mockups, channel set up and promotional content design for your business. You will get 24 modules in 1 course. After finishing all modules, you will have a thorough understanding of the features of Canva graphics templates. You will be able to create business/personal work-related posts on your own, and you will not have to rely on graphics designers to do so.

This course will help you to turn out a talented graphic designer. You will be able to make a positive impression on your clients/audiences/customers and smoothly expand your workflow.

My goal is to assist you in learning all of Canva’s essential functions and providing hands-on experience so that you don’t have to depend on others’ Creative Thoughts!

Let’s have a look what functions on canva you will learn from the modules:

  • Types Of Canva Template And How To Create Post With Templates
  • How To Resize Content Based On Platform Size With Canva Magic Resizer
  • How to Change Background color
  • How To Add Elements (Icons/shapes/blobs/frame) In To Content
  • How To Set Color Of The Elements
  • How To Put Overlay Onto The Content Or Use Color Transparency
  • How To Adjust Alignment of Overlay
  • Types Of Font Style And How To Add Fonts
  • How To Remove Background Of Any Added Picture And Add Shadow Reflection
  • How To Create Or Choose Logo Design
  • How To Create POD Designs With Canva
  • How To Create Product Mockups With Canva

To instruct you, I have put forth my utmost effort and dedication. And I have a lot of fun while teaching so that you don’t get bored! I hope it all works out well for you and one day you will achieve what you wanted to !


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