Canva AI for Content Creators


Canva AI for Content Creators , Unleash Creativity at Lightning Speed: Mastering Canva’s AI for Impactful Content Creation.

What you”ll learn:

  • Students will learn how to utilize Canva’s Magic Design tool to automate and enhance the process of creating visually appealing graphics
  • Through the Magic Write feature, learners will discover how to generate text content quickly
  • The course will teach students how to leverage Canva’s AI capabilities to create professional presentations from scratch
  • Participants will learn how to use Magic Design for Video to produce captivating videos for platforms like TikTok

Course Description

The AI landscape is rapidly growing and Canva has joined the party! Canva is a powerful graphics design tools which is free to use (with some premium features). If you are a content creator and have to regularly create engaging and eye catching graphics then this course is an absolute MUST for you!

Not only is Canva at the forefront of social media content creation but it’s AI tools now make everything easier and speedier! There are a range of new features which we will cover in this course which are as follows:

  • How to use Magic Write
  • How to use Magic Design
  • How to use Magic Media
  • How to use Magi Design for Video
  • How to use Magic Design for PowerPoints

And much more!

By completing this course you will be able to create media at 10X the speed ready to optimise and flood your social media platforms.

Canva is completely free to use, however this course covers few premium functions. As a free user you will still have some limited token-based access to the premium features, and if those tokens run out you can create a pro account for a months free trial!

The prerequisites for this course are as follows: You will need an internet connection, and an email address to sign up to Canva with.

Course outline

Overview of Canva Subscription plans – How to signup for Canva free and how to get a free 1 month trial of Canva

Intro to Canva Interface – How to navigate through

Magic Design and Editing Documents – How to use Magic Design in Canva, and how to edit templates in Canva.

Class Project 1 – Creating your own content with Magic Design

Magic Write – How to use Magic Write in Canva

Magic Switch – How to use Magic Switch in Canva

Class project 2 – Using Magic Switch on your own documents

Magic Design for Presentations – How to create Presentations from scratch with Canva AI

Magic Design for Video – How to create TikTok videos with Canva AI

Magic Media – How to create images and videos with Magic Media

Class Project 3 – Create two pieces of content based on the skills learnt throughout the course

As mentioned above in the course outline, the course will feature and finish with really fun assignments where you will have the opportunity to practice the skills that you have learnt in this course! I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys create so please upload images and videos of your work. You can also upload links of your social media channels to where content has been published!

I hope you enjoy this course as much as I enjoyed creating it!


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