CABA Certified Associate Business Analyst Practice Exam


CABA Certified Associate Business Analyst Practice Exam, Attend this CABA Certified Associate Business Analyst Practice Exam will get a Good Score 80% on Main Exam.

Sample Questions:

The testing activities that require the use of some portion of the executable code is referred as:

Dynamic Testing

Static Testing




Which of the following is NOT an example of Static Testing?



User Acceptance Testing

Walk through


Which of the following is NOT a validation testing phase?

Unit Testing





Which of the following is true of the V-Model?

It states that modules are tested against user requirements

It only models the testing phase

It specifies the test techniques to be used

It represents the relationship of the verification and validation activities


Which of the following statements about reviews is true?

Reviews cannot be performed on user requirements specifications

Reviews are the least effective way of testing code

Reviews are unlikely to find faults in test plans

Reviews should be performed on specifications, code, and test plans


Which of the following describes the major benefit of testing throughout the software development life cycle?

It allows the identification of changes in user requirements

It facilitates timely set up of the test environment

It reduces defect multiplication

It reduces the cost of finding and fixing defects by identifying them as close to their creation as possible

The following are different causes of defects, EXCEPT:

Ambiguous Requirements

Poor Design

Incorrect Translation of the Design into Code

Signed Off Requirements

Unit Testing is performed by the:






The purpose of _____________ is to find those defects that occur in the transitions between one unit and another.

System Testing

User Acceptance Testing

Black Box Testing

Integration Testing

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