C++ tutorial with practical Arduino and CNN Examples


C++ tutorial with practical Arduino and CNN Examples, C++ for Beginners: Create Real-World Projects with Arduino and CNN.


This redesigned C++ course combines Arduino simulation using Proteus into each lesson and includes an additional chapter following chapter 2 describing Arduino simulation.

The course digs into fundamental C++ and Arduino syntax and data types, control structures, functions, arrays and strings, pointers and references, object-oriented programming, algorithms, flowcharts, and pseudocode.

The course starts with an introduction to C++ and Arduino, covering the history and evolution of C++, C++ uses in numerous sectors, including Arduino programming, and the advantages of learning C++ for Arduino programming. The course then walks you through installing the Arduino IDE and Proteus software, configuring the development environment for C++ and Arduino simulation, creating a virtual circuit in Proteus, and writing and simulating a simple “Blink” program in Proteus.

The course also covers how to simulate an Arduino project with Proteus software, covering how to set up a simulation environment in Proteus and create a virtual board circuit in Proteus, writing simulation code, as well as executing, testing, debugging, and evaluating simulation results in Proteus.

Throughout the course, you will learn how to develop real-world applications using C++, Arduino, and CNN. This course is ideal for beginners who wish to learn C++ via hands-on practice using Arduino/CNN.

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