Business English: Learn Business English Essentials


Business English: Learn Business English Essentials , Learn business English essentials in 1 Hour – CV and cover letter, LinkedIn profile, interview, and presentation.

What you”ll learn:

  • Write a CV and a cover letter communicating your qualifications and skills
  • Write a LinkedIn profile
  • Prepare for interview with a self-intro, the STAR method, and a follow-up email
  • Describe visual data, respond to questions, and start and end a presentation

Course Description

Do you want to improve your business English?

Do you need to communicate more effectively at work and for work?

This course will help you learn business English essentials in 1 hour.

Improve Your Business English with Useful, Engaging, and Short Lessons

  • Showcase your qualifications and achievements with a professional and persuasive CV and cover letter
  • Attract recruiters and employers with a compelling and impressive LinkedIn profile
  • Ace your job interview with confidence and clarity
  • Share your project results and recommendation(s) with a concise and impactful presentation
  • Simulate common workplace scenarios with real-world practice activities and an optional assignment

What You Will Learn in This Course

This course covers four main topics that are essential for business English communication:

Section 1: Writing Your CV and Cover Letter

  • Capture the attention of the reader in the Summary and Skills sections
  • Showcase your academic achievements in the Education section
  • Demonstrate your accomplishments with bullets for the Experience section
  • Include the languages you use and your interests in the Other Information section
  • Write a cover letter that complements your CV and expresses your interest and suitability for the job

Section 2: Writing Your LinkedIn Profile

  • Summarise your career goals and highlight your strengths in the headline and About section
  • Showcase your achievements and impact in the Experience section
  • Demonstrate your credentials and skills in the Education, Certifications, and Languages sections

Section 3: Preparing For Your Job Interview

  • Make a positive first impression with a self-introduction
  • Show your problem-solving skills and results with the STAR method for behavioural interview questions
  • Express your gratitude and interest with a follow-up email after a job interview

Section 4: Giving Your Presentation that Shares Project Results

  • Describe visual data in a clear and accurate way
  • Respond to questions in a polite and professional manner
  • Start a presentation with a hook and an agenda
  • End a presentation with a summary and a call to action

Learn Business English Essentials with This 1-Hour Course

Watch 15 easy-to-follow and engaging video lectures that covers useful phrases for effective communication in the workplace. Each lecture is within 5 minutes.

You’ll get practice exercises that test your understanding and reinforce your learning. After each practice activity, you can watch a demo so you can compare your answer with the example(s) and improve faster.

Additionally, you have the option to submit an assignment that give you a real-world scenario to practice your business English and get peer feedback.

By the end of this course, you’ll have improved your business English skills and gained more confidence and competence to communicate more effectively at work and for work.

Are You Ready to Enroll in This Course?

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Additional Information

Before you enroll in this course, here is some additional information that you may find useful:

Course Focus and Scope

This course focuses on common types of communication at work and for work: CV and cover letter, LinkedIn profile, interview, presentation that shares project results.

Due to the course’s concise format, it focuses on Business English essentials for college/university students.

This course is called Business English, but the English you’ll learn is directly applicable to both workplace English and vocational English contexts.


This course uses UK spelling.

Assignments and Feedback

This course includes an optional CV assignment. The assignment is not supported on the mobile app. Please use a computer to complete it.

You can submit your assignment in two ways: add a link or enter text. The best way is to add an external link to your assignment, such as a Google Doc, as this will allow you to show the formatting of your assignment and make it easy to read. Make sure the link is accessible to anyone with the link.

You can also choose to share your assignment with your peers and receive feedback from them. This is a great way to learn from each other and improve your business English.

You can also choose to review and give feedback on three other students’ assignments if they have shared them.

While the instructor is not required to post feedback on your assignment, you can still review an example in the Instructor Example section and learn from the example.

You cannot redo your assignment once you have submitted it. You can only review what you have submitted and the example.

This course is designed to help you learn Business English essentials in 1 hour. However, you can revisit the course at your convenience. Hope you enroll in this course and find it useful for using business English to communicate more effectively at work and for work.

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