Business Budgeting, Marketing, and Fundraising Masterclass!


Business Budgeting, Marketing, and Fundraising Masterclass! Learn everything you need to make a perfect business budget, market, and raise funding, from business executives!

What you”ll learn:

  • Learn where to find donors your organization
  • Receive free marketing plan and budget templates ($150 value) and walk through videos!
  • Learn effective fundraising and marketing strategies you can implement quickly!
  • Learn about different fundraising models
  • Learn where to find the right funders for your mission!
  • Learn where to find different grant opportunities!
  • Learn how to create monthly and annual business budgets!
  • Create financial projections with ease that are ready for donors!
  • Access valuable resources to help grow and maintain your organization free forever!
  • Receive an invitation to a business executives community!


Are you a business owner looking to master three essential skills to operate effectively? Or are you a professional who wants to enhance their resume? Or perhaps you are an entrepreneur who wants to scale their business?

No matter what your motivation is, this course is perfect for students, aspiring entrepreneurs, small and large business owners, and employees who want to be better at what they do. There is no background experience needed, as this course was created by past founders and executives with the goal of making our content as digestible and understandable as possible while making your learning as profound as possible.

This is the most comprehensive course available to learn budgeting, fundraising, and marketing for businesses! This course was developed by a team of former founders and business executives who have managed millions of dollars and overseen massive marketing campaigns.

Throughout this course you will be provided with templates, video walkthroughs, and real-world advice on how to effectively create an annual and monthly budget for your organization, and to market for growth.

Two of the biggest challenges our team sees with small businesses are budgeting, not knowing where to spend money, time, and resources, and fundraising, often taking on bank debt or unable to find investors for a fantastic startup idea. However, these do not need to be problems, in fact, our team has helped countless businesses and entrepreneurs overcome them.

Let’s face it, it is so easy to be overwhelmed by all the different budgeting and marketing advice that is advertised to us and we see other businesses doing, but truthfully, there is no one size fits all in business. That is why it is so important you learn the skills to create the correct strategy to market and budget for your business. Through this course you will get to learn from experienced business operators who have grown and evaluated countless businesses. We will break down:

Writing a Marketing Plan: From start to finish, including a template (valued at $100), that you can customize and make your own! We talk through the template, step-by-step!

Your Target Market and Customer: Where will your product or assistance be needed most and received best? Who is your target user?

Your Market Positioning: Where is your company and brand in the market? Where do you want it to be and what competition do you face?

Different Marketing Channels (Print, Social Media, Email): What are the different channels you can use to distribute your message? Which is likely to reach your target audience?

Creating a Business Budget: From start to finish, including a template (valued at $100), that you can customize and make your own! We talk through the template, step-by-step!

Creating Financial Projections: Even with no background in finance or accounting, our easy-to-follow course makes creating financial projections easy!

Why should you buy this course?

This course will help you grow your business in multiple ways, and it has advice you can’t find anywhere else. Not only will this course give you expertise in budgeting and marketing that you can use to scale your business to the next level, far outpacing the cost of this course, we provide templates (valued at more than the course) for you to have a starting point for your business as well as lifetime instructor support!

Plus, this course is not one you find in textbooks! This course was created from years of experience starting and growing businesses and millions of dollars both raised and allocated. Both sides of the desk, the founder and the investor, are represented in this course and it is the most real-world resource you will find!

If you are ready to take the next step… and stop wondering if you are doing the right thing or wondering why your business has not taken off, go ahead and click the “Take This Course” button! You won’t only have the videos, you will have templates and the support of our instructors! _

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