Business Analytics with Python 2021


Business Analytics with Python 2021, Become competent in solving business problems by acquiring the skills in python.

Do you want to learn python from the scratch?

Want to be in the league of the achievers and have your own success story?


Our aim is to make the students analyze data using python. From learning the basics of python to learning many types of data that will provide the most reliable support that one has for its careerThe world of python and data science is open for you to explore new dimensions that will make you feel overwhelmed with it. Learn Python programming and implement a data-science solution to workplace problems is the main mantra behind this course.

The course will lead the way in making you learn how to prepare data for analysis. As we start from the very basics we will also guide you to perform simple statistical analysis, create meaningful data visualizations, and even predict future trends from data.

Irrespective of the fact whether you are new to it or not, you will gain an in-depth understanding of using the skill to take out information and knowledge from the data. You can easily shine in the course if you do not have any inhibitions. With the knowledge acquired you will be able to easily work upon data analysis. As an important part of the changing demands in the professional field, this course will surely be a savior to make you stand firm in these competitive times. The certification will help you provide a strong base in your career. The course will definitely be a great learning experience as it is designed punctiliously to add to your skills.

The course is designed by the masterminds of the industry who are customary to it having a great exposure and experience. The course is supported with videos, written documents, quizzes, and exercises to make the learning experience fruitful and also help in enriching your experience.

The benefits one gain after the completion of the course

• Get recognition at your workplace

• Learn the fundamental of python programming

• Understand the basic statistical concept to prepare reports from the multiple types of data

• Comprehend to solve a complex problem by learning python

• Learn the different operators that help in performing the tasks

• Gain an understanding of building and deploying machine learning web app

• Acquire the knowledge of building map-plots and put it forward online

• Get the skill of making a confident decision

• Learn about applied machine learning with python that would solve business administration problems

• Acquire knowledge in solving linear problems in production management.

• Gain the understanding in making goal-oriented strategies for the business

• Vast job opportunities with great salary packages

Reasons that make the course better than its contemporaries

• Experienced trainers from the field

• Scrupulously designed curriculum keeping in mind the needs of the time

• Recordings and videos to make the learning easy and exciting

Words of appreciation from our Students

  1. A great great learning experience for me. I thought that I will not be able to understand the course as I am a beginner but I was overwhelmed to see that it was so well designed that anyone can grasp it easily with the help of the experienced trainers. I absolutely loved it. Thanks a lot to the trainers for the enriching experience!”- Zain Ahmed
  2. Brilliant course for the beginners like me! The best part is the way it is explained by the trainers. It got clear and easy for me. The material and the quizzes were particularly helpful. I learnt a lot from the course as the method of training was really enriching and the trainer took special interest in each participant. Thanks a lot for it.” Anchala Andrews
  3. I had very high expectations but I am happy that all went well. I am new to python and so had many doubts whether I will be able to understand it or not but it was not tough to understand. I like the method of training and the materials provided in between. Good course at a great initiative by Henry Harvin” Abhay Seth
  4. This course is highly recommended as I have a great time while doing this one. The course moves with a great pace without making it dull or boring and the credit goes to the experienced faculty. The course has built up my confidence and made me a better professional. I am so happy that I did the Course and special thanks to Henry Harvin for it.” Sonam Gupta
  5. The course is very well-designed and the classes were really interactive. The faculty was very experienced and helpful and paid a lot of attention to every individual. I found Henry Harvin as the best institute for learning the course. The trainers gave their best shot in delivering the course. The course was really enriching and I found myself to be a better professional. I would love to recommend this course to my friends and others who are interested in it as well.” Vedant Gaurav
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