Building Interactive Shiny Web Apps with R Programming


Building Interactive Shiny Web Apps with R Programming, Learn how to build simple to complex web apps using the Shiny framwork in R.

If this is your first time using Shiny, welcome!

An R program called Shiny makes it simple to build dynamic, rich web applications.

You may use Shiny to take your R work and make it accessible to the public via a web browser.

Shiny makes you appear good by making it simple to

create beautiful web apps with the least amount of effort.

Most R users before found it challenging to create web apps because of the need to understand web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Complex interactive apps need rigorous interaction flow analysis

to ensure that only the associated outputs update when an input changes.

Shiny makes it much simpler for R programmers to develop web applications by:

supplying a well-selected group of user interface (UI) methods

that provides the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript required for typical jobs

This implies that until you wish to move beyond the fundamentals that Shiny provides for you,

you don’t need to be familiar with the specifics of HTML, CSS, or JavaScript.

Shiny enables you to:

  • Make dashboards that track crucial high-level performance
  • Switch to interactive apps that let users jump to the precise section of the results they have an interest in.
  • Use educational visualizations to explain complex models to a non-technical audience.
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