Build fast modern Webapp with Vite js bundler ( 2023 )


Build fast modern Webapp with Vite js bundler ( 2023 ), Build modern and fast webapps using Vite. Learn advanced concepts of tree-shaking, bundle visualizer , plugins and more.

Build Modern WebApps using Vite JS Bundler, from scratch to production.

As the web applications get more complex over time, we also need to review and optimize the tools we use for bundling and deploying these applications. Vite, developed by the developers of VueJS is a bundler for modern applications.

In this course, we not only cover the theoretical concepts but also get very hands-on experience on how to integrate Vite into our software development pipeline. We will start right from the basics such as ES Modules and CommonJS modules and slowly progress to more advanced concepts such as Treeshaking to truly optimize our application for production use.

We will also see how to take a React application that was created using the traditional approach of Create React App and migrate it to a modern approach using Vite. This will save time for all the developers are it exponentially increases the build time and reduces the complexity.

I have tried my best to structure this course in the easiest way to follow and will have all the resources available to download on GitHub and attached to this course.

You can always ask me questions in the Q&A sections in case you face problems, I shall be happy to answer.

This course does not require any knowledge of Bundlers and will be beneficial to all developers making any type of website whether it’s using core HTML CSS or using frameworks and libraries such as React and Vue.

Good luck and happy learning!

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