Build and Deploy Dialogflow Chatbot Waitress Lilis


Build and Deploy Dialogflow Chatbot Waitress Lilis, Step-by-step Guide to Create Conversational Assistant with Dialogflow.

This course provides a step-by-step guild to create a chatbot waitress Lilis who works at a coffee shop using Dialogflow.

You will learn how to

  • design the architecture of a chatbot
  • the 7 Minimum-Viable-Product Features of a chatbot waiter
  • modify Default Welcome and Fallback Intents for chatbot’s purpose
  • code fulfillment and webhook with javascript to handle intents for taking customer orders
  • code fulfillment webhook for product availability check
  • code follow-up intents to handle user responses: yes, no, or change
  • add a dictionary to provide shopping cart details
  • complete the order and avoid conversation loop
  • turn on voice and deploy chatbot to Google Assistant
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