Brain Exercises to Boost Memory and Prevent Dementia


Brain Exercises to Boost Memory and Prevent Dementia, Simple Neurobics To Follow and Keep your Brain Young and Healthy.

Neurobics are activities, or mental (cognitive) exercises that stimulate the brain, prevent memory loss, and improve memory recall.

Just as physical exercise stimulates the muscles, so the muscle of the brain is stimulated with neurobic exercise. We all are familiar with the benefits of aerobic exercise to the heart and the lungs, but we often overlook the benefits of neurobics to strengthening of neurons and neuronal networks. The association here is so simple, and yet so often ignored.

In sum, neurobics comprehensively stimulate different areas of the brain.

Most studies on memory show a decline in memory abilities with increasing age. Neurobics is exercising the brain to seek memory benefits which helps people of all ages. Exercising the brain implies engaging attention in utilizing multiple sense organs to work on a novel task. As we expose ourselves to challenges, we make our brain more flexible. A simple example of this could be breaking the normal routine in which we conduct our daily activities, like taking a new route while driving.

In this course, you will find more than 10 brain exercises that you can practice daily. More exercises will be added along the way. Just spend at least 10 mins a day and you will be able to boost memory, stay focus and carry out more difficult tasks. Most important of all, you might be able to prevent or delay Alzheimer or Dementia.

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