BIM Execution Plan (Case Study) BIM For Contractor (BEP)


BIM Execution Plan (Case Study) BIM For Contractor (BEP), Lear how to read and create BIM Execution Plan (BIM For Contractor), The conclusion of the BIM Execution Plan.

A BIM Execution Plan (BEP), also known as a BIM Implementation Plan, is a comprehensive document that helps project participants move forward with clear roles and expectations. A BEP is an essential element to create before beginning any construction project, especially for those that are large or complex with many collaborators.

Through clear roles, responsibilities and real-time communication, a BEP keeps all in sync while ensuring construction stays on track. This is vital when adhering to tight schedules. A thoughtful plan also makes sure details don’t fall through the cracks or become last-minute change orders that cause delays.

A thorough a BEP is a powerful project accountability tool that keeps work moving forward throughout the various phases of planning and construction. A well-coordinated project starts with a well-crafted BEP.

BIM Scope:

  1. Design Model LOD 300
  2. Construction Model & Shop Drawings LOD 350
  3. BOQ
  4. 4D
  5. 5D

Course Contents:

  1. Project Initiation
  2. BIM Planning
  3. BIM Model Criteria and Guidelines
  4. BIM Team Structure
  5. Communication and Information Exchange
  6. Appendices
  • Appendix I: Definitions
  • Appendix II: BIM Coding System
  • Appendix III: BIM Model Elements
  • Appendix IV: Modelling Methodology
  • Appendix V: Model Quality Control Methodology
  • Appendix VI: BOQ Model Development Methodology
  • Appendix VII: 4D/5D Model Methodology
  • Appendix VIII: Naming Convention


  1. You will learn how to read and create BIM Execution Plan
  2. Implementation of the course with Actual Case Study
  3. You will Learn What is a BIM execution plan (BEP)?
  4. You will Learn Who needs a BEP?
  5. You will Learn What are the key elements of a successful BEP?
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