Beginners guide to HL7 Standards & HealthIT Interoperability


Beginners guide to HL7 Standards & HealthIT Interoperability, If you ever wished for a simple layman understanding of HL7 standards and Healthcare IT interfaces, then this is it !

Proficiency in HL7 is a must-have for tech professionals in the healthcare industry, as it is the cornerstone of healthcare data interoperability and a prerequisite for many roles. If you are a healthcare executive or professionals, knowledge about HL7 will equip you with the understanding required to contribute to the development of new healthcare technologies, like telehealth platforms and patient portals etc.

Interoperability, in the context of healthcare information technology, refers to the capability of different IT systems and software applications to communicate, exchange data, and use the information that has been exchanged effectively. It involves the ability to share and access patient data across different healthcare settings, allowing for coordinated care, improved patient outcomes, and more efficient healthcare services. HL7 standards are used to integrate EHR systems with other healthcare applications and devices, ensuring that patient data is accurately captured, stored, and shared among healthcare providers.

In under 2 hours, you will learn

– Fundamentals of Healthcare Interoperability

– Importance of HL7 standards

– How to read and interpret a HL7 message

– Common use cases of HL7 messages

– 10 step practical approach to design, build and deploy healthcare interfaces.

As healthcare providers, institutions, and technology developers continue to adopt digital solutions, the ability to seamlessly exchange and utilize health data across various platforms and systems becomes paramount. Interoperability not only enhances patient care and clinical efficiency but also paves the way for innovation in healthcare analytics, telemedicine, and the overall advancement of the digital health ecosystem. This course on HL7 basics and healthcare interoperability aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate this dynamic landscape and contribute to the ongoing dialogue and solutions in healthcare

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