Beginners guide to Ashtanga Yoga


Beginners guide to Ashtanga Yoga, Helping you to get started safely with Ashtanga Yoga.

Learn this beautiful form of Yoga for better flexibility, strength and health.   This course introduces you gently into the practice and is accessible to those new to Yoga as well as anyone with an existing practice.  We look at some of the key poses in the first part of the Primary Series as well as exploring some of the key concepts of Ashtanga including Vinyasa, Drishti (looking place) and Ujjayi breathing.

You will have opportunity to practice Sun Salutation A (with or without commentary) and to build up to a 20 min practice.

Following the physical practice, there is a short meditation with an additional guided meditation (loving kindness).

Course curriculum;

Introduction to the Primary Series, Warming up the Body, understanding Vinyasa, Drishti, Ujjayi breathing and Moola Bandha. Practising Sun Salutation A.  Learning the key standing postures (first half of the Primary Series) and building up to a 20 minute practice.

The Primary Series within Ashtanga Yoga is about creating good health. Sometimes referred to as ‘Yoga Chikitsa”.   Caroline Klebl advises “The primary series or Yoga Chikitsa is designed to eliminate disease”.  Whilst within this course we focus on a gentle introduction to the practice, you should still find benefits both to your physical body and also supporting a relaxed mind.

Yoga offers a powerful, tried and tested method of pushing back against life stress, keeping the body healthy and protecting health into the longer term.

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