Basic Tools Of Photoshop & Project


Basic Tools Of Photoshop & Project, Learn all the basic tools and basic corners of photshop.

Welcome to Basic Tools of Photoshop & Project where you will learn the basics of photoshop and you will get this course for absolutely free of cost from now on, where I have incorporated my premium material as well.

You will learn almost everything that I have learnt when using the photoshop and the projects that I have obviously done along the way. You will know every corner of the photoshop application and I guarantee that by the end of the course you will learn basics of photoshop in great detail and I will also recommend some books along the way.

I have put my heart and soul into creating this course and I know that the video as well as sound quality may not exceed the expectations of many people but believe me that what you will learn here will be my practical experience and that I can guarantee that I will share with you.

What you will learn??

  1. Basic Tools Of Photoshop
  2. Advanced Application of the photoshop tools.
  3. How to approach projects and how can you get rid of the blank page syndrome
  4. And much more..

I believe that theory can only take a person so far and if a course wants to deliver its purpose then doing some projects is a great way to ensure that a teacher has done his job well while explaining the material. So 1 project also need to be made.

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