Basic Revit Family creation for Interior Designers


Basic Revit Family creation for Interior Designers , Create custom furniture Families for your Interior Design projects in Revit, gain speed and quality in your workflow.

What you”ll learn:

  • Learn how to model a Revit parametric family.
  • Learn how to create and apply materials to a Revit parametric family.
  • Learn how to create family Types is a Revit parametric family.
  • Learn the difference between type and instance parameters in a Revit parametric family.

Course Description

Start your Interior Design path in Revit learning how to model a custom Revit family. Parametric Revit families allow you to quickly change sizes and finishes, speeding your modeling and leaving more time for you to work on the creative side of your Interior Design projects.

In this course you’ll learn how to create a basic Autodesk Revit parametric family of a bench.

Learn step by step:

– How to start a Revit family

– How to create and add basic family parameters

– How to create family types

– How to create materials (finishes)

– How to add materials (finishes) to specific parts of the family

– How to create Instance and Type parameters

– How to test/flex the quality of the family

– How to insert Revit families in a Revit model (project).

This course is for users with basic understanding of interface and terms of Revit, however with a bit of effort a new user can do it too.

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