Basic Neuroscience Of Complex PTSD and Recovery


Basic Neuroscience Of Complex PTSD and Recovery, Understand the effects of complex trauma on brain functions and how to bring about gradual recovery.

Suitable for c-PTSD survivors wanting to understand their brain and symptoms better, student counsellors & experienced practitioners who intend to use basic neuroscience of complex trauma to compliment their existing modalities and knowledge-base, this course focuses on understanding basic neuroscience of complex trauma; the regions of the brain affected and why those brain regions generate the debilitating symptoms of PTSD that they generate. This course also offers tips to optimise those brain regions towards recovery, as well as answers your trauma-related questions.

“Another fantastic course. Your presentation is so detailed, informative, and patient. I value the amount of energy you give, and the resources that you offer are so appreciated.” Elizabeth F. Sufferer

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed todays webinar on the ‘Basic Neuroscience of Complex PTSD and Recovery’ – fascinating, well delivered (at a good pace and in a way that flowed nicely from one area to the next. It was a great opportunity to underpin/consolidate my current knowledge in cPTSD and a platform to become aware of areas for development/further exploration – impressive in such a short period of time. I will definitely be looking at other courses on the MindBody Breakthrough site. Michelle R., Counsellor

Excellent CPD. Informative, well presented and has left me with knowledge I can use when working with clients. Sam B., Counsellor

Nice pace and understandable. The training has made me think about children in particular and the diagnosis they receive. It is going to get me to look much deeper into what is going on the family home and past. Kelly C. Trainee Counsellor

Lots of information packed into a short course. I will be purchasing more online courses because of today’s taster session. Thank you. Samantha D. Force Counsellor and Psychological Services Manager (

Very helpful, very interesting. I like the way things were explained, and the pace of the course worked well. Thank you for answering all my questions! Heather R., Child Therapist for NHS CAMHS

Excellent, very knowledgeable facilitator, liked how relaxed the session was too. Pamela M., CBT and Play Therapist (

Thank you so much for the excellent session. It was my second session ran by yourselves and I will be sure to keep signing up for more. Georgia C.B.

It was inspiring and illuminating! Georgia C.

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