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Basic Fundamental of Partial Discharge 2021, Basic Fundamental of Partial Discharge 2021.

Course Description

This Partial Discharge Online Course will explain about the important of early detection for Partial Discharge and how it affect our equipment health condition. Partial Discharge is a symptom of localized thermal, electrical and mechanical deterioration of insulation. Complete failure may occur in 1 to 20 years period depending on the severity. Early detection of Partial Discharge can assess the integrity of insulation systems and prolong lifetime of equipment and reduce down-times. Besides, we also will introduce variety type of the sensors which widely used to identify the Partial Discharge in the market. There are also discussion about the obstacles which causes the difficulty for Partial Discharge interpretation.

Basic Fundamental of Partial Discharge 2021 course is mainly designed for M&E Engineers, Design Engineers, Consulting Engineers, Maintenance Officers, Facility Officer, Contractors and Developers.

Course Highlights:

  1. Introduction of Partial Discharge (PD)
  2. High Voltage Equipment Structure
  3. Partial Discharge Type
  4. Partial Discharge Sensor and Instrument
  5. The Importance of Partial Discharge Testing
  6. The Obstacles of Partial Discharge Interpretation
  7. Case Studies

In the end of this course, you should able to understand more about Partial Discharge and able to identify the early symptom of PD. This will help to reduce the maintenance time and cost saving for prevent any breakdown happen. Prevention better than cure.

This course is well prepared by Hoestar PD Technology Pte Ltd.

You can visit our company website for more information.

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