B1-Level Self-Directed General English Course


B1-Level Self-Directed General English Course , Reach level B1 in English with this engaging and interactive, 25-lesson course.

What you”ll learn:

  • Improve reading proficiency from A2 to B1 level.
  • Improve listening proficiency from A2 to B1 level.
  • Improve writing proficiency from A2 to B1 level.
  • Improve speaking proficiency from A2 to B1 level.
  • Discuss the past (continuous, simple, perfect).
  • Discuss the present (continuous, simple, perfect).
  • Discuss the future (simple, continuous).
  • Use a range of modal verbs.
  • Use 1st and 2nd conditionals.
  • Construct compound sentences.
  • Use reporting verbs.
  • Write a letter, a dialogue, and other genres.
  • Understand and report on a series of videos.
  • Expand vocabulary by 2000+ words.
  • Understand the differences between US and UK spelling.
  • Use common idioms.


This is a 25-lesson English course to help you reach B1 level. Each lesson has a variety of activities to improve your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. There are also exercises which target grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation practice. Also, each lesson has its own respective topic which vary greatly throughout the course.

The course is graded with major as well as minor assignments. Each of the 25 modules includes a primer video to help you prepare for the lesson with a blog post through which you will complete the respective tasks. All products may be shared with the greater community through the virtual spaces provided.

Further, this course will not only help you to improve your English but also your digital literacy. The virtual tools which are used in this course are meant to help you to improve your confidence with such resources.

Finally, I wish to say that as a teacher I have used this curriculum, which I made 100% by myself, with my students only. Thus, dozens of students could attest to the fact that the course is useful in helping to reach B1 level.

I hope that this helps you to reach your goals in English!

Who this course is for:

  • A2-level English students.
  • Low-Intermediate-level English learners.
  • Aspiring immigrants, students and workers who will need English
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