AZ-300 / AZ-303 Practice Questions 2021


AZ-300 / AZ-303 Practice Questions 2021, AZ-300 / AZ-303 Practice Questions 2021.

Included in this az-300/az-304 Exam Practice Tests course:

– 2 practice tests

– Practice like the as similar real CEH  Questions

CEH Exam Exam Details

Total Questions :192

Type of Questions : Multiple choice

Duration : 200 min for 100 questions

Passing Score : 70

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Example Questions:

You are developing an Azure Durable Function instance.  You need to add a delay by using a durable timer.  What type of function should you use?

Web hook




Explanation: Activity functions aren’t restricted in the type of work you can do in them. Activity functions are frequently used to make network calls or run CPU intensive operations. An activity function can also return data back to the orchestrator function. The Durable Task Framework guarantees that each called activity function will be executed at least once during an orchestration’s execution.

You have an Azure subscription that contains an Azure Service Bus named Bus1.  Your company plans to deploy Azure web app named App1. The web app will create messages that have the following requirements:  Each message created by App1 must be consumed by only a single consumer.  Which resource should you create for app1?

Azure Blob Storage

A Service Bus topic

An Azure Event Grid topic

A Service Bus Queue

Explanation: Queues offer First In, First Out (FIFO) message delivery to one or more competing consumers. That is, receivers typically receive and process messages in the order in which they were added to the queue, and only one message consumer receives and processes each message. A key benefit of using queues is to achieve “temporal decoupling” of application components. In other words, the producers (senders) and consumers (receivers) do not have to be sending and receiving messages at the same time, because messages are stored durably in the queue. Furthermore, the producer does not have to wait for a reply from the consumer in order to continue to process and send messages.


You are developing a workflow solution using Azure technologies.   You need to Use a collection of ready-made actions  What tool should you recommend?

Logic Apps Only

Durable Functions Only

Durable Functions and Logic Apps

Explanation: Durable Functions is an extension of Azure Functions. It enables to write Azure Logic Apps is a cloud service that helps you schedule, automate, and orchestrate tasks, business processes, and workflows when you need to integrate apps, data, systems, and services across enterprises or organizations.   Logic Apps simplifies how you design and build scalable solutions for app integration, data integration, system integration, enterprise application integration (EAI), and business-to-business (B2B) communication, whether in the cloud, on premises, or both.

You have an Azure Service Bus.  You need to implement a Service Bus queue that guarantees first-in-first-out (FIFO) delivery of messages.  How can you achieve this?

Set the Lock Duration setting to 10 seconds

Enable partitioning

Enable duplicate detection

Enable sessions Set the Max Size setting of the queue to 5 GB

Ex: To create a first-in, first-out (FIFO) guarantee in Service Bus, use sessions. Message sessions enable joint and ordered handling of unbounded sequences of related messages.

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