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AutoCAD 2D & 3D | AutoCAD Civil & Architectural, Complete AutoCAD Course | AutoCAD 2D & 3D Training for Civil Engineers & Architectures.

What you’ll learn

  • AutoCAD 3D Commands
  • To Create 3D Elevation of 3 BHK House
  • To Create Custom Doors & Windows
  • AutoCAD Material Library
  • Applying Custom Materials & Textures
  • Creating Render Images


Enhance your AutoCAD design skills by joining this AutoCAD 2D & 3D Training.

Autodesk is the parent organization of AutoCAD. Autodesk has many products but it is not wrong to say that AutoCAD is one of the most used products of Autodesk globally. AutoCAD is used in different engineering fields like Civil, Mechanical, Architecture, Electrical, Electronics, etc. But this AutoCAD course is not designed from AutoCAD Mechanical or AutoCAD Electrical perspective. It means this AutoCAD course is limited to AutoCAD Civil, Architectural & Interior, or Exterior Designing fields only.

We will start this AutoCAD course with ‘Introduction of AutoCAD Interface’ & basic commands. We will cover so many 2D commands from the AutoCAD Drafting & Annotation workspace. Once we get enough knowledge of AutoCAD 2D commands then we will start working on the project & will create a complete ground+1 story 2D House Plan, along with Front Elevation & Sectional Elevation in AutoCAD. Also, we will see how to place different interior fixtures like furniture in AutoCAD. We will see how to print the drawing file in AutoCAD & how to use the external references in AutoCAD. After all this 2D work we will switch to the 3D modeling workspace & create the 3D Elevation of the plan & in the last, we will apply different materials & textures to the 3D Elevation. We will do the rendering of the 3D House as well in AutoCAD. By the end, you will have learned to do all this 2D & 3D work in AutoCAD without any external software. We will do all this work by the use of AutoCAD 2D & 3D commands.

This AutoCAD 2D & 3D course has a total of 86 video lectures with a total length of more than 14 hours. This AutoCAD 2D & 3D course is designed by assuming that you are using the AutoCAD for the very first time but if you already have some knowledge about AutoCAD or worked before in AutoCAD then you can skip those basic level lectures.

This course is designed in AutoCAD 2017 version but it can be easily learned in almost any older or latest version of AutoCAD.

Some files are attached as resources you can download and use.

This AutoCAD course is divided into the following sections:

  1. AutoCAD presets
  2. Draw Toolbar
  3. Modify Toolbar
  4. Status Bar Keys
  5. Text in AutoCAD
  6. Table in AutoCAD
  7. Dimensions in AutoCAD
  8. Multi Leaders in AutoCAD
  9. Block & Group Commands
  10. Object & Layer Properties
  11. Utilities in AutoCAD
  12. 2D House Plan in AutoCAD
  13. Printing the File & External References in AutoCAD
  14. 3D Elevation in AutoCAD
  15. Materials & Rendering in AutoCAD

There are so many topics to learn under these sections & I will suggest must go through all the videos. Don’t skip if you properly want to get the outcome of this course.

Note: It is requested to everyone must go through all the topic titles before enrolling in this course. Also, I tried to explain the course content in the description as well & have made enough videos available for free preview so that you can decide if you should get this course or not. I recommend joining the course only if you think this course matches your expectations because I don’t want to see anyone disappointed at the end.

So, If You are Satisfied Hit the Enroll Now Button & Enjoy the Course. Happy Learning!

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