Art Therapy for Business: Practical General Business Usage


Art Therapy for Business: Practical General Business Usage , Art Therapy for Business: Practical Usage in General Busines.

What you”ll learn:

  • Art Therapy for Business
  • Art Therapy for Business in General
  • Exercises The Bridge
  • Exercises Team Totem
  • Exercises The Stress Bottle
  • Art Therapy & Creativity
  • Innovative map
  • Ideas Box
  • The Abstract Portrait
  • Journey Collage


Welcome to course: Art Therapy for Business: Practical Usage in General Business

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– Different Strokes was set up in 1996 in direct response to a need from younger stroke survivors to be able to reclaim their lives, challenging previously existing views of stroke recovery and changing the term for stroke sufferers from ‘victim’ to ‘survivor’.

– Program of support of kids with mental deseases and additional mental needs

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Different Strokes are a UK Charity who help younger stroke survivors and their families to reclaim their lives through active peer support. Each year there are 100,000 strokes in the UK; 1 in 4 of these occurs in somebody of working age or younger. Different Strokes recognises that younger stroke survivors and family members are the experts in stroke recovery and rehabilitation with first-hand knowledge of the issues and challenges facing families after stroke.

Different Strokes has a Facebook Group for stroke survivors, family members and carers to share experiences, reduce isolation and improve coping strategies by learning from others. Stroke survivors can access a safe environment to chat and support each other twice a month at virtual meetings on Zoom. There is a Teen and Young Adult Befriending Service for stroke survivors aged 16 – 25 which offers support and advice by telephone. Exercise sessions specifically tailored for stroke survivors, set at five different levels to reflect the large variations in stroke survivors’ physical condition and mobility post-stroke, are available online. There is a network of peer stroke support groups run by volunteers around the country offering activities such as guest speakers, exercise sessions and group outings. Children’s Resources developed to help families explain what has happened when a parent has a stroke have been updated during 2023 to make them even more relevant, and inclusive, with the support of stroke survivors and their children.

Course Instructor:

Chris Sivewright

43+ years experience teaching Economics, Business, Sociology, Politics and other subjects in schools, universities and other colleges – State and Private Sector. Appeared in 100+ films (including corporate training and fitness videos). 100+ books on Amazon. Featured by the BBC, Polish TV, The Times, The Telegraph and…The Sun.

Studied at:

· University of Oxford (Philosophy and Economics)

· Oxford Brookes (Teacher training)

· University of Glamorgan (Business and Economics)


· Professional qualifications at Masters level

· Business and Economics degree

· Examiner for four major examining boards, at ‘O’ and ‘A’ level.

· Three teaching diplomas plus CELTA

· Qualified fitness trainer

Key academic positions held:

· Principal Oxford School of Learning

· Director of Studies: St Joseph’s Hall, Oxford

· Head of Economics: Cherwell Tutors

· Head of Business and Economics: Pipers Corner School, Buckingham

Founder: Almost Random Theatre

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Art therapy can be a valuable tool for businesses in various ways, helping to improve teamwork, creativity, empathy, the design thinking process, corporate culture, and team cohesion. Here’s why it’s important for companies and managers to learn about art therapy for business and how it can contribute to career development:

Teamwork and Collaboration:

Art therapy encourages individuals to work together on creative projects, fostering teamwork and collaboration. Group art activities can break down communication barriers and help team members understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This can translate into more effective collaboration in the workplace.

Creativity and Problem-Solving:

Art therapy taps into the creative aspects of the brain, enabling participants to think outside the box and approach problems with fresh perspectives. Creativity is a valuable asset for businesses, as it can lead to innovative solutions and product development.

Empathy and Emotional Intelligence:

Through art therapy, individuals can explore their own emotions and gain a deeper understanding of the emotions of others. This increased self-awareness and empathy can lead to improved interpersonal relationships, better conflict resolution, and a more empathetic workplace environment.

Design Thinking Process:

Art therapy aligns with the principles of design thinking, a problem-solving methodology that prioritizes empathy, creativity, and iterative solutions. Learning to think like a designer can be a valuable skill for managers and employees in various industries.

Corporate Culture:

Incorporating art therapy into company culture can enhance the overall work environment. It can promote a culture of inclusivity, where employees feel valued and heard. Moreover, art can serve as a powerful tool to communicate company values and mission, reinforcing them in a visually appealing manner.

Teaming and Cohesion:

Art therapy can be an effective way to strengthen the bonds within teams. Collaborative art projects promote a sense of togetherness and shared accomplishment. This can be particularly valuable in remote or diverse teams, where building a sense of unity is crucial.

Why it’s important for companies and managers to learn art therapy for business:

Well-being and Stress Reduction:

Art therapy can help reduce workplace stress and enhance the mental well-being of employees. This, in turn, can lead to higher productivity, reduced absenteeism, and improved job satisfaction.

Innovation and Adaptability:

Companies that embrace creativity and adaptability are more likely to thrive. Art therapy can help individuals and teams become more innovative and flexible in their approach to challenges.

Talent Retention and Attraction:

Offering art therapy programs can make a company more attractive to potential employees and improve retention rates. It can demonstrate that the company cares about the personal and professional development of its staff.

Leadership and Communication Skills:

Managers who understand and utilize art therapy can improve their leadership and communication skills. They can better connect with their teams, foster creativity, and navigate complex workplace dynamics.

Career Development:

Learning about art therapy can be a valuable skill for career advancement. Managers who can create a positive, creative, and empathetic work environment are more likely to be effective leaders and advance in their careers.

Art therapy can be a powerful tool for enhancing various aspects of business, from improving teamwork and creativity to fostering empathy and strengthening corporate culture. Companies that invest in art therapy programs may reap the benefits of a more creative and harmonious workplace, ultimately leading to improved employee satisfaction, innovation, and business success. Managers who understand and incorporate art therapy principles can become more effective leaders and advance in their careers while contributing to the overall growth of their organizations.

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