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AR Quickstart, Meta & TikTok effects with no coding!

Master the art of crafting immersive AR experiences with 6 easy-to-use templates for Meta (Facebook/Instagram) and TikTok – no coding needed! Gain platform proficiency, receive expert advice, and get personal assistance as you kick-start your AR journey.

This is a beginner-friendly online course that empowers you to design and launch AR effects for Meta (Facebook/Instagram) and TikTok effortlessly.

Here’s what you’ll discover when you join AR Quickstart on Udemy:

6 Versatile AR Templates: Get one file each for Meta and TikTok, spanning 3 unique concepts. You’ll always have the perfect blueprint to create your next AR masterpiece.

  • ‘Randomizer’: A selfie effect that builds on the evergreen randomizer effect by offering a much bigger, and highly customizable, payoff.
  • ‘Fantasy Face’: A selfie effect that lets you change your appearance and atmosphere in the blink of an eye, introducing you to many ins and outs of aesthetic adjustments.
  • ‘Emitter’: An effect that brings in particle emitters — or the idea of such — and introduces you to deeper complexity with using timing to control your effect experience.

* Grandfathered Access: As a student of AR Quickstart, you’ll get first dibs on new templates as they’re added to the course, ensuring your AR skills remain fresh and cutting-edge.

* Node-Based Editing: Bypass complex coding with our intuitive node system that simplifies the AR creation process. And don’t worry – we’ll teach you how it all works!

* Comprehensive Walkthroughs: Benefit from detailed, step-by-step tutorials on using Meta and TikTok’s software platforms to create captivating AR effects.

* Expert Advice: Gain invaluable insights, tips, and troubleshooting advice from real-world projects.

* Direct Assistance: Stuck or have queries? No worries — you get direct access to me and the AR Quickstart community.

Embark on your AR adventure with AR Quickstart on Udemy today, and unlock your creative potential. Enroll now and start creating AR experiences that will set you apart from the crowd!

Who this is for:

You!…if you are interested in learning how to create AR effects for Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, but aren’t interested in dealing with programming.

  • These templates and tutorials are especially good for beginners, as they build on basic effects to show how to expand on your own ideas.
  • If you’re a developer, you’ll find these templates useful as a quick-start for real-world client use cases.
  • f you’re a designer, you’ll be off to the races in no time; if you’re otherwise happy with the effects as they are you can simply replace assets with your own.

What this isn’t:

  • A design course — though the templates provided all have their own assets you are free to use, the ultimate idea is that they are placeholders for your designs and ideas.
  • A deep dive — this is AR Quickstart, with an emphasis on quick. Within a few hours you can go from no prior knowledge of these environments to knowing how to completely modify, add to, and publish your own effects.  Basic interaction with the software involved is covered, but it is not exhaustive.

Tips & Training You Can Trust:

  • “Paul Major is one of those rare professionals who make the impossible look simple and yet elegant. He is like a kid in the candy store when he’s facing a challenge and never settles for “just OK”. His love for learning and tapping into the unknown translates into his passion for teaching. Most importantly his kindness and patience when he is sharing his knowledge is very refreshing and keeps you wanting to watch more Paul!! ~ Thorsten Kober – Software Engineer – Hulu
  • “I’ve worked with Paul for years and know him to be ultra professional and extremely knowledgeable on all things web-development and tech. He is my consistent go-to for all questions I need answered” ~ Mila Shah – Senior Producer – Part 4
  • “As a fellow developer, Paul is constantly teaching me things, while also remaining curious into learning new ones. He is the utmost professional who continues to grow and apply his knowledge in the workspace, and consistently helps make my job easier.” ~ Sam Kite – Senior – Kite Squared
  • “I have known and worked with Paul for over a decade now. Paul constantly impressss me with his knowledge of editing, web development and filmmaking. He’s an all around production mad man and my number one call..” ~ Matt Hausmann – IATSE Local 44
  • “As someone who’s just starting my business I needed a quick tutorial on creating websites and programs that would help me market my hair studio. Paul was able to walk me through the beginning stages of creating my website in a way that was quick, easy, and to the point. He gives you all the tools and makes it simple for none tech folk.” ~ James Wilson – James Wilson Style
  • “Having worked with Paul Major in multiple formats and across multiple faucets of the entertainment industry he’s always my number one call any time I need explanations on how to practically achieve a technically advanced authenticity on screen and a simple understanding of just everyday workflow.” ~ J.W. Hargrave – Production Designer
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