Application Development with Kuika


Application Development with Kuika, Learn to develop web and mobile applications up to 10 times faster with the future of application development methods.

What you”ll learn:

  • Software development terminology
  • Low-code concept
  • Kuika low code platform interface, view modes and functionalities
  • Web and mobile user interface and screen prototyping with Kuika platform
  • Use actions and data binding operations in the application development process on the Kuika platform.
  • Report designs
  • End user notifications
  • Preparing the application developed on the Kuika platform for deployment with Configuration Manager.


Kuika; It is a cloud-based all-in-one Low-code platform that enables you to develop web and mobile applications with its Low-code (Low-code/less-code) infrastructure.

Kuika is a Low-code platform enabling you to develop mobile and/or web applications. Kuika offers different views such as UI Design, Datasources, Process Automation, Email Builder, Report Designer, Scheduled Jobs, API Builder, Configuration Manager and Helpdesk to assist you in the development process.

Using Kuika Low-code Platform;

  • You can develop fast applications with drag-and-drop elements, parametric selections, and edits without the need to write code other than SQL queries,
  • Can develop Low-code applications for web, iOS, and Android with only SQL query language without the need for much software language knowledge,
  • With minimal coding, it can encounter much fewer bugs/errors compared to traditional software development processes,
  • It can save cost and time with up to 20 times faster development process,
  • You can create the application you have developed in a scalable structure with new features and scope expansions,
  • With up-to-date technologies, you can create applications that have reached software standards as if they were made by a professional software developer.

This course covers the Kuika low code platform and teaches about its interface, view modes, and functions. It covers how to create prototypes for web and mobile user interfaces, system actions, and custom actions. You will also learn how to connect the custom actions to relevant screens and publish the created application. The course covers both theoretical and practical aspects of the Kuika platform.

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