Angels & Demons – What The Bible Really Says About It


Angels & Demons – What The Bible Really Says About It, The Role, Power, Authority, Number & Work of Angels. How We Should Relate With These Spiritual Beings and What God Says.

I believe our fascination with the spiritual realm has increased over the years. Either through the evolvement of the movies, music, or an escapism thirst for the supernatural. Definitely, Covid-19 bought the focus on the mortality of every man and the fine line many people thread between life and death. All of these occasions and events have a way of creating a thirst for God

One aspect of this supernatural reflection and fascination is the angelic created beings. Even though angels are sometimes falsely depicted  – like the many images of female angels – the desire to know more has not weaned.

However, there is one thing to thirst for knowledge and another to desire the truth according to the word of God. Therefore, in this study we want to answer the following questions:

· Who are angels of God?

· How many angels does God have?

· How were angels described in the Bible?

· Who is the first angel of God?

· What are the 7 fallen angels?

· Who sits at the left hand of God?

· Are there only 12 demons?

· What’s the meaning of demons?

· Who is the king of demons?

· What are inner demons?

· What language do demons speak?

· Who is the Queen of demons?

And many more!

Join me in this study as we unravel the truth about angels, demons and what the Bible actually says.

This course will be continuously updated as I discover other insights about the subject, hence I employ you to return to it again and again.

So lets get started!

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