An Insight into the Ayurvedic Weight Loss Practices


An Insight into the Ayurvedic Weight Loss Practices, A course that helps you to understand the Ayurvedic Regimen for Weight Loss.

This course covers the fundamental Ayurvedic approach towards weight loss.

Ayurveda is the ancient Indian healthcare system that is well-over 5000 years old. However, Ayurvedic wisdom regarding weight management is still the most practical, and can help you see instant results.

This course covers some of the fundamental concepts, and daily rituals that can help you not only lose weight but also maintain the same EFFORTLESSLY!. The comprehensive approach towards weight loss in Ayurveda helps to maintain immunity, muscle mass and detoxifies the body naturally.

Instead of making your muscles weak and skin saggy with weight loss, Ayurvedic weight loss techniques help to rejuvenate the body, reduce the overall rate of aging and makes you younger and more energetic!

Besides, this information may help you to reverse multiple other health concerns like diabetes, hypertension, hormonal imbalance and many more.

Key outcome indicators for this course:

1. Understanding your weight-gain pattern

2. Developing control over causal factors for individual weight gain

3. Making basic, practical and easy changes to control weight gain instantly

This course is purely educational in nature. The information provided is not a substitute for medical advice.

Wishing you a healthy and peaceful life!

Dr. Kanika Verma


PDGVA (Vedic Astrology)

PDGPC (Psychotherapy and Counselling)

PDGHHM (Healthcare Management)

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