All about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome


All about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Cure your PCOS and PCOD through Nutrition and Lifestyle changes.

Hello and welcome to this online course.

If you are in this course, you are in keen intrest about learning this condition and I am grateful to help you out. This is a typical hormonal problem that is affecting more and more women. Even though its name is a little unsettling, polycystic ovary syndrome is not as bad as it sounds.

The symptoms you may experience can be treated in a variety of ways, and there are well-researched, reliable drugs and treatments that can help you get pregnant too.

It’s really a great thing that you have lifted yourself up and have come to this point of life where you are ready to bring a change in you.

I went on a path of self-discovery and growth to learn more about these disorders and how to recover without the need of drugs. I am providing you with a way to take control of your life’s direction. A method of becoming aware of the major and minor events that occur in your life from minute to minute and day to day.

You’ll be able to recover from PCOS naturally and without the usage of any kind of medicine and have a quality life .Nature and art has its own healing process. We are just using that concept to bring a change in you.



All about PCOS and PCOD

An approach to Heal Naturally without medications

is a course in which you will learn about PCOS and PCOD, its Prevalence and incidence, how dose it happen, causes, symptoms, long term effects, Managing concerns about having PCOS

This course then explores the nature and causes of PCOS, ITS diagnosis, treatment options, and management with few easy lifestyle changes, relaxation techniques and much more.

We will also see about AURVEDA and PCOS .

This course seeks to inform you about PCOS, including what it is, why you have it, risk factors, diagnosis and effective treatments.

PCOS can be efficiently treated and controlled with the help of your healthcare team, enabling you to lead a full and healthy life.

Depending on diagnostic criteria, 6% to 20% of reproductive aged women are affected

The yoga exercises, therapies, and diet recommended in this course are aimed at:

– the treatment of hormone imbalance

– choosing healthy foods and lifestyles

– lowering anxiety and stress

– controlling your thoughts and emotions

– improving the condition of your reproductive system

– You will learn the following during the course:

– The fundamental mechanics of PCOS, its true origin, and why treatments are ineffective

Ayurveda and PCOS Connection

How this condition endangers not only your health but also the health of your unborn children.

Imagine being depressed-free and able to live a fulfilling life!!

•Would you like to feel good once more? That’s just what you wanted, I’m sure.

Click the button, enroll in the course and let’s start this journey to freedom, happiness and back to our wonderful life.

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