Adobe After Effects. Text and Kinetic Typography Animation


Adobe After Effects. Text and Kinetic Typography Animation, Master text animation in Adobe After Effects and learn How to create super cool Kinetic Typography Scenes.

Welcome to Text in Motion!
In this amazing course, you’ll dive deep into the art of animating text layers and typography in After Effects. It’s a unique nine-lesson adventure that’ll make learning After Effects super fun! By the end of this course, you’ll have nine jaw-dropping text animations ready to elevate your next project or impress your portfolio website visitors!

With each lesson, we’ll be cranking up the difficulty level, boosting your confidence and skills along the way. Plus, you’ll learn how to handle changes and tweak text to fit whatever you or your client needs. In this course, you will not only master text animation techniques, but you’ll also get a solid understanding of After Effects fundamentals. We’ll even install some handy free tools that will speed up your workflow efficiency.

And just like my other courses, I’m all about ensuring you have the best learning experience. Therefore, you’ll get a clear notification on when to work along with me and when to just listen without touching the computer. You’ll also get mid-lesson questions to help you memorize the lessons better, and I’ll even tell you when to take a 10-minute break, just like in a real classroom. Oh, and don’t worry, you won’t have to hear my funky accent throughout the lessons. This course is voiced by a professional voiceover. So, get ready to be inspired, get motivated, and put some text in motion!

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