Addiction Recovery Bad Habits Coaching & Meditation Course


Addiction Recovery Bad Habits Coaching & Meditation Course, Sugar addiction, quit smoking, habit building, self hypnosis, self help tools, mental health, growth mindset.

Breaking free of any addictions is not only about your quitting or taking action. It is your mental and emotional state of mind that is sabotaging you to live your healthy full life. You are not addicted to the habit but to the emotional attachments.

In this course, we will be your personal coach guiding you to release any mental or emotional blockages behind your addictions. We will give you a new perspective and alternative methods to break the habit. Then we will go through a deep hypnosis session to replace a new healthy habit in your life.

In this powerful course, you will

  • have a “personal coaching session”
  • Use an alternative method to stop all addictions
  • heal any pains traumas from the past
  • Break free of any pattern using hypnosis
  • Release hidden beliefs that are sabotaging you
  • Removes the desire for your addiction
  • Regain control of your life
  • Break free from the past
  • have a healthy lifestyle
  • take your power back
  • And much more

You only need to set an intention and we will walk through the whole process with you. Your mind is more powerful than you think. We take back our power and take charge of our lives.  Let’s have a healthy lifestyle effortlessly! 

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