Academic writing made easy


Academic writing made easy,Easy steps to writing your masters paper.

So you are about to write a research paper for your dissertation, you know where to start but you need a little help putting things together. Well your in the right place.

I have just completed a computer science related and it was a complete eye opener for me, I had been out of main stream education for many years and I found a lot had changed plus I had the added pressure of studying at a masters level so I really did need a lot help to write my papers.

So with a research masters programme you are expected to get out there to find information mainly on your own…. the sheer volume of what you have to learn to write a successful paper is overwhelming. So any helping hand you get, will definitely benefit you.

So, I put this course together to help you get off to a good start with your research paper or dissertation. I watched a lot of material and distilled the most important information and this is what I am presenting here.

During my masters I scored Distinctions in my course work and I attribute that to research I did before hand to assimilate as much useful information as possible. Once I got my first distinction I just used the same formula to ensure that I got top grades the rest of my papers. F The road was not easy, I think for a masters programme such as the one I did, a lot of self motivation is needed however when you understand what is expected from you, you have a template to guide you and you take each step incrementally, it makes the whole process much more straight forward and manageable.

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