Ableton Live Lite 11 Music Production Tips & Tricks


Ableton Live Lite 11 Music Production Tips & Tricks, Beginner journey sharing what I recently learned about this DAW to create music for your loved ones.

This course is a beginner friendly course, where I, as a beginner myself, share what I recently learned about the DAW called Ableton Live Lite 11. I share my discoveries such as how to understand the workspace so that we can load in samples, layer them and change their volume and how to export them as well. Other features such as using the browser to find, organize and preview samples will also be shared. Also, I will share the process of loading midi files and creating multiple samples with just that one midi file. Next, I will share other key features such as how to change the view of the project, looping segments of the project, adding audio and midi tracks as well as playing clips in the session view. Last, I will share how you can use A.I. technology to write your own vocals and output them in a voice of your choice from certain options such as Fozzie the Bear. Then, we will look at how to find that downloaded vocal and insert it into your DAW. Lastly, I celebrate you and leave you with the hope and wish that you enjoy the music creation journey process.

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