A quick, practical guide to Amazon KDP book self publishing


A quick, practical guide to Amazon KDP book self publishing, A simple, friendly, and practical practical guide to Amazon KDP self-publishing.


Attention, aspiring authors!

Have you ever wished for a friend in the publishing industry? Someone who would take you by the hand and guide you, step-by-step, through the labyrinth that is Amazon KDP self-publishing? Well, your wish is granted!

Welcome to “A Practical Guide to Amazon KDP Book Self-Publishing,” where P.J. Agness (yes, that’s me!) will be your personal guide, mentor, and friend. In this one-of-a-kind course, I’m taking you behind the scenes to witness the magic of publishing a book from scratch.

Here’s the Twist: You’ll see me publish a book firsthand!

Imagine sitting beside me with a cup of coffee, as I navigate the process like a pro, and let you in on industry secrets. This course is as close as it gets to that dream!

**Conversational and Relatable**: Forget the jargon and the tedious lectures. Our journey will be like a heart-to-heart chat. It’s like I’m spilling all the beans, giving tips, and sharing advice just like I would with a close friend.

**Real-time Learning**: Watch me roll up my sleeves and dive into the Amazon KDP platform. From setting up an account, uploading a manuscript, and designing a cover, to setting prices and hitting that “Publish” button – you’ll see it all, unfiltered!

**Tips and Tricks Galore**: Along the way, I’ll share my treasure trove of tips and tricks that will save you time, help you avoid common pitfalls, and maximize your book’s potential for success.

**Engage and Ask Away**: Got questions? I’ve got answers! Engage with me through the course. No question is too trivial when it comes to fulfilling your dream of becoming a published author.

**Empowerment and Inspiration**: This isn’t just about learning the mechanics. It’s about getting fired up, finding your voice, and putting your work out there with the confidence of a seasoned pro.

So, whether you’re an aspiring novelist, a non-fiction writer, a poet, or simply a dreamer with a story to tell, pull up a chair, my friend!

Get ready to demystify the mystique of Amazon KDP book self-publishing and embark on a journey that could change your life.

*Enroll in “A Practical Guide to Amazon KDP Book Self-Publishing” with P.J. Agness and turn the page to your new chapter as an author.*

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