A Beginners Guide to the Ten Commandments


A Beginners Guide to the Ten Commandments, A Biblical Approach.

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the Ten commandments?

Have you ever wanted to try online classes?

Have you wanted to study the Bible in a class setting but don’t have the desire, time, or money to go the traditional college route?

You have come to the right place!

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

· List the Ten Commandments in Order

· Name the key word in each commandment

· Understands the meaning of the commandment through related verses.

· Understand why God had the community in mind when creating the commandments.

· Apply what you have learned through introspective exercises

This course is designed for Christians who want a BASIC OVERVIEW of the Ten Commandments. HOWEVER, people from every level, religion, and walk of life are welcome. There is something for everyone in this informative and interactive course that contains 189 VIDEOS that teach everything from WHY God had the shaping of a community in mind when He wrote the Ten Commandments on two stone tablets, to WHY it matters if we take things from work, WHY things like adultery, and theft can affect our lives (even if we did not participate) and many more topics. There are 11 QUIZZES (one after each chapter), 12 PDFs ( with the content included from each section as well as a Biblical Timeline),and a Final Exam to help you to remember what you are learning.

Every Commandment Section has videos exploring:

• The Bible Verse

• The Key Word

• 5 related Verses

• Topical info

• How it affects the community

• 2 – 4 interesting facts, stories or quotes

• A relatable Bible story

• A way for you to apply what you have learned

• A quiz

This course is:

· Fun – The short videos are designed to keep you entertained.

· Informative – The videos are jam packed with information of every commandment

· Compact – Although there are 189 videos they are short (2.5 hours total video), which makes it easy for those with a busy schedule.

With a Master’s in Theological Studies Lisa is no stranger to studying the Bible. Through designing Biblical courses, she hopes to help make studying Gods word more accessible to those who do not have the time/money/ or desire to go the traditional college route.

Enroll now to begin your journey!

Please Note: This videos to this course are currently being upgraded weekly. All videos will be upgraded to the newer, more engaging, format. (3/17/22)


· A notebook and pen or pencil

· A desire to learn!

Who this course is for:

· Anyone interested in the Ten Commandments

· Anyone wanting to take a Christian class online

· Anyone interested in how community

is affected through the actions of individuals.

· Anyone wanting to watch engaging video

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