57 genius print ads with brilliant design techniques


57 genius print ads with brilliant design techniques, The Ultimate Graphic Design Course Which Covers the conception & Idea generator to create an attractive ADS – SEO.

What you’ll learn

  • Work through the entire package design process
  • Learn a few of the upcoming design trends for 2022 and how to create them!
  • Learn photo editing and manipulation in Adobe Photoshop
  • Create logos and branding packages for potential clients
  • Understand and learn the essential tools and capabilities of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign


Print advertising is a form of marketing that uses physically printed media to reach customers on a broad scale. Ads are printed in hard copy across different types of publications such as newspapers, magazines, brochures, or direct mail.

From 2015 to 2023, U.S. companies spent an average of $25 billion annually on print advertising. While these numbers have declined somewhat over the last decade, print advertising is still a viable form of marketing and necessary in specific markets. It can reach potential customers in ways that digital marketing cannot. Lucid Advertising believes your print collateral should be used alongside other media to communicate your message, so it should complement your overall marketing strategy and work together with your other tactics to achieve your business goals.

4 Types of Powerful Print Advertising

Print media allows you to showcase your brand and products across multiple formats. Some of the most effective types of print advertising include:

1. Newspaper

Newspaper ads are still highly regarded as a useful marketing tool for getting the message out to a particular audience. Consumers that read newspapers are proactive and engaging. Newspaper ads are also affordable, trustworthy and create a lasting impact.

2. Magazine

Magazine ads can give your brand center stage in popular publications across an immediate area or the United States. High definition displays can target a specific demographic or industry and stick with readers long after they close the magazine. Plus, when it comes to magazine ads, you are only limited by your creativity.

3. Direct Mail

If you do your research, you can target a specific demographic in direct mail. You can also measure your result using a variety of methods. Direct mail is cost-effective and highly individualized to the recipient. Plus, there are many flexible options based on your criteria.

4. Brochures

Even in a technology-driven world, few marketing tools put you in direct touch with your audience as well as brochures. Brochures establish your authority, credibility and brand all in the same format. They hold lots of information that you can distribute to hundreds of people in a single sitting. Plus, brochures are among the most affordable ways to get the word out about your business.

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